A Blog of Sorts

  1. SIGPAE: Syllabus Management System

    Django wep application for transcription of courses Syllabi
  2. Retyna: A Ruby interpreter for Retina

    Homemade Ruby interpreter for Retina language
  3. Apolo: Firefighters Support System

    Support System for managing USB's Volunteer Firefighters activities
  4. IOI - Russia

    The International Olympiad in Informatiocs in Kazan, Russia
  5. ACM-ICPC World Finals - Thailand

    Wolrd Finals of one the oldest and most prestigeous Programming Contents, in Phuket, Thailand
  6. Training Camp Argentina 2015

    A great Competitive Programming camp organized in Argentina for the LATAM region
  7. LDC: Teaching Computing Lab

    System and network administration and IT support for students and faculty
  8. Writing Workshop at the USB

    A Creative Writing workshop given by UCV students as required community service
  9. Learning French

    French as a third language, through classes, internet and movies
  10. Competitive Programming

    Solving programming problems within a strict timeframe and specifications of memory or running time limits
  11. USB's Mathematics Honor Class

    A more formal and interesting approach to Math I, II (calculus) and III (algebra)