SIGPAE: Syllabus Management System

As part of our Software Engineering course in the Universidad Simón Bolívar, eight (8) of us as Team (notice me) “Zenpy” developed, during five (5) weeks, a nice tool for the university’s Academics Records Office.

The Product, as the client asked

The tool allows the user to communicate with the Academics Records Office database, to check if Syllabus records exist digitalized for any given course, and check if it follows the newly standardized format. As such format was new, and no other standardized format existed before, the tool is intended for allowing an easy upload a Syllabus document for a course; the program will then parse it as well as it can, to automatically fill the course needed information. It then allows the user to check if the parsing was correct and edit it to fill in missing or unparsed text.

Technologies used were Django as backend framework, Bootstrap as frontend framework and Tesseract OCR to be able to parse PDFs and scanned documents.

The tool has no name other than “SIGPAE” (Spanish: Sistema de Gestión de Programas Analíticos de Estudios) and we signed a confidentiality contract; sadly, I can’t show the source code here.