Learning French

Since little, I’ve known enough English to read and write without much trouble. I haven’t got regular spoken conversations, so as of 2015 I’m a little awkward speaking, but can understand it pretty well. While a know I must continue improving it, I don’t want to stop there, as there are other interesting languages I’d like to learn.

French is one of them, as I chose it for my third language. Et je l’aime.

I’ve not gotten many chances to speak it, and so far (2015), I’m a little awkward at it. Even when I know I must practice speaking my second language, I don’t want to stop there. I have always wanted to learn many more languages, but I always thought it’d be Japanese (for childish reasons). As I finally thought it through, I decided for French. And oh boy, je l’aime.

Some basics to get you started

Personal pronouns:

  • je (“I”)
  • tu (“you”)
  • il / elle (“he” / “she”)
  • nous (“we”)
  • vous (formal singular “you” or plural “you”)
  • ils (“they”)

Auxiliary verbs: être (“to be”) and avoir (“to have”). And their conjugations in the present tense:

Qui être Qui avoir
Je suis J’ ai
Tu es Tu as
Il / Elle est Il / Elle a
Nous sommes Nous avons
Vous êtes Vous avez
Ils sont Ils ont