Computer Science Student

Mathias San Miguel

Hello there!

My name is Mathias (with a mute “h”), and I’m a Software Development Engineer, graduated on July 2019 from Universidad Simón Bolívar with a Computer Science degree. I’m currently living surviving in Venezuela, but if all goes well, I’ll soon be relocating to Europe!

From the start of my CS studies at USB, I always picked the courses that most interested me. I chose the specializations in Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Databases Design and Architecture. I grew fond of the last two, specially. The rest of my time on the CS world, I’ve

  • Participated in coding competitions such as ACM-ICPC and IOI,
  • Worked remotely for people in different countries and time zones,
  • Developed automation tools to make some programming tasks easier,
  • Worked as a SysAdmin in a team responsible for the University’s network,
  • Given classes to newcomers to Computer Science and Programming, and
  • Led teams of 8+ members for Software Development.

I like to spend time away from code, so I watch movies, enjoy anime series and write stories from time to time. As you can see, I like stories and all forms of storytelling.

I also speak Spanish, as it’s my mother tongue! I might have a few Spanish writings here and there on the site.

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